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How Canst Thou Contend With Horses (Preached at Searchlight NV) 

Occupy 'Til I Come (Preached at Perry FL)

Put Off Thy Shoes (Preached at Plant City FL)

Addicted (Preached at Port Orange FL)

Born to Die (Preached at Port Orange FL)

Choices (Preached at Port Orange FL)

Healing at Jesus' Feet (Preached at Port Orange FL)

Waterpot Religion (Preached at Port Orange FL)

A Cake Not Turned (Preached at Fort Stockton TX)

A Day to Remember (Preached at Fort Stockton TX)

Falling into the Hands of the Living God (Fort Stockton TX Revival)

A Cake Not Turned (Fort Stockton TX)

Fight the Good Fight of Faith (Monahans TX)

After Here Where? (Edgewater, FL)